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Wichita Genealogical Society

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e-mail: mailto:info@wichitagensoc.org

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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society

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SG   Sedgwick County, Kansas, was established in 1867.  It was created out of Butler County and named after John Sedgwick, the highest ranking Union General killed during the Civil War. The county seat of Sedgwick County is Wichita, Kansas.

Sedgwick County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Playmates Are Reunited

PLAYMATES ARE REUNITED AFTER HALF A CENTURY Pioneer Women Find Each Other at Church Reunion WICHITA, KS - After 50 years separation, Mrs. F D Hughes of 1007 South Water, and Mrs. Ellen Winchel of Newkirk Okla., childhood playmates, met at the home of Mrs. G W...

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Robert Elliott’s Body To Be Moved

FORMER SOLDIER’S BODY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO FILL PAUPER’S GRAVE  Shall the body of a soldier who fought with the Allies be allowed to rest in a potter’s field? WICHITA, KS - An emphatic “no” was the local American Legion’s answer to the question when they...

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Charles Artz

WICHITA, KS - In the early morning of June 27, 1920, Rock Island Railroad Special Agent Charles F. Artz arrested four men on vagrancy charges near the Rock Island tracks in North Wichita. As Agent Artz escorted the men out of railroad yards to meet a city patrolman...

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